Nadia is a Toronto-based artist and entrepreneur who is sewing and donating face masks for front line care workers in Toronto. Thanks to community support, and her entrepreneurial and artistic spirit she’s been donating 60 masks/week. Nadia shared with me that her sewing skills and entrepreneurial spirit manifested themselves at age 6 when she started sewing pencil case in order to make money for herself. At age 36, her artistic pursuits took shape when she picked up a paintbrush for the first time…and the rest is history. 

One of her career highlights, among many, has been designing the uniforms for tourism Toronto. She has many artistic lines and projects, all of which you can learn about in the show notes for this episode. You can also find links if you’re looking for a mask with an artistic flare. 

In our conversation, Nadia and I spoke about 

  • Repurposing your talents for social good
  • Doing what you can do
  • And following your passions

Website Art | Fashion | Home

  • All social media handles on her Instagram (@NadiaLloydTO)
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