This is Christian

And this is Nash

And you’re listening to ‘Beyond the Bake Sale”

These were the first things you used to hear when you tuned into a new episode of Beyond the Bake Sale

But this time..we’re using them to sign off for the final time.

We’ve had so much fun elevating voices in the sector, entertaining you with (what we hope were) insightful episodes and letting you hear from voices you may not have heard from otherwise.

Now, after a long pause and quiet time, we’ve decided the show won’t go on. That being said – we’re keeping all the episodes going so that they can continue to be enjoyed, and that those people who gave of their time and talents can continue to reference back to those.

A huge thank you as well to team members who have helped us along the way and achieve the success we have:

  • Adam Janes
  • Dipesh Singh
  • Kimberley Meijer
  • Matthew Hintermann
  • Shannon Woods
  • Richard Vileneuve
  • Josh Pajot
  • Matthew MacNaughton
  • Geoffrey Polmateer
  • Nicholas Bray

So, a thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way in elevating voices, and helping the nonprofit sector do good better.

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For one final time

This is Christian

and this is Nash

Thanks for tuning into Beyond the Bake Sale