Dr. Sonika Kainth is a family physician in Toronto. Her expertise lies in combining her knowledge of medicine with a passion for addressing the systemic issues that negatively impact health. Sonika’s work focuses on the opioid crisis which has killed 50 times more people in Ontario than SARS.

Currently, she works at a harm-reduction clinic treating people with opioid addictions and resulting health consequences. Dr. Kainth is a strong advocate for the social determinants of health such as income, health literacy and access to safe housing. She works with many underserved populations and does clinics on a mobile health bus for women without health insurance. She teaches medical trainees practical ways to become daily advocates and has spoken about these issues at many medical conferences. During her training, she was appointed “Exceptional Resident with Refugees” for helping this population navigate the transition to Canada, such as learning to use public transit. Through her involvement with the Calgary Hub, she was able to get culturally appropriate swimwear donated for 54 students to attend swimming lessons.

Sonika is now Vice Curator for the Toronto Hub and employing Agile techniques to improve group communication and Hub efficiency.