Ronen Tal

Director, Integrated Marketing & Fundraising at Nature Conservancy of Canada   

Like just about everyone in the sector, Ronen fell into fundraising by accident. But it turned out to be a stroke of good luck! He remembers that very first fundraising role as opening his eyes to the beautiful, data-driven puzzle of integrated fundraising.

Ronen currently oversees Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC) Integrated Marketing & Fundraising department. His team interacts with donors at all touchpoints along their journey, from initial awareness of NCC to their first gift and, ultimately, to becoming a monthly donor or leaving a bequest. Ronen’s previous experience includes both charity and agency work, managing direct marketing departments for the former, and overseeing campaigns across all channels at the latter, including face-to-face, outbound telephone, direct mail, planned giving, and digital.

In his own words, he loves the work because “It is complex and fun. Messy and full of opportunities to experiment. An Excel-driven playground that is only limited by our imaginations and the stories we tell donors.”Somewhere within the numbers lies a perfect spot for every organization, where spending is optimized and donors feel engaged. It is the search for this admittedly personal fundraising utopia that drives Ronen.

When Ronen is not analyzing results or developing fundraising campaigns, he is probably throwing himself around a basketball court or baseball diamond with reckless abandon. Or cooking something tasty.

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