Jasmine Shaw

On this episode I sat down with Jasmine Shaw, an amazing leader in the women and STEM space and the co-founder of the Ontario Sick day relief project

Jasmine Shaw is an engineer, entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for positive change in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). She has over 5 years of experience in system design and project management in the aerospace sector, leading both engineering and enterprise-level activities. In 2021, she started a service-based business that helps women in STEM achieve their full career potential through mentorship, networking, and storytelling. That same year, she co-created the Ontario Sick Day Relief Project – an emergency fund to support Ontario’s essential workers through the third wave of COVID-19. The project raised $66,000 in paid sick days for over 130 people.

This is episode is for you if you’re looking at how to raise money for an ‘unsexy’ cause, if you have a puny budget, and if you want to hear a masterclass in capitalizing on a moment in time to galvanize support for your cause.

I hope you love listening to this episode as much I loved recording it.

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