Kate Bahen, CFA is the managing director for Charity intelligence and is a retired equity analyst

Some call Charity Intelligence a “charity watchdog”. We see ourselves as research analysts who help Canadian donors give better. Yes, we hold charities accountable for the generous support they receive from Canadian donors and expect them to be financially transparent, and yes, we call out exorbitant overhead costs or charities that don’t need more funding.

During our conversation, we talked about the genesis of measuring charity’s effectiveness, the Nepalese earthquake of 2015, and why “doing good” is no longer good enough

Charity Intelligence researches Canadian charities for donors to be informed and give intelligently. Charity Intelligence’s website posts free reports on more than 740 Canadian charities. Today over 300,000 Canadians use Charity Intelligence’s website as a go-to source for information on Canadian charities reading over 1.3 million charity reports.

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