Written by: Adam Janes

Disclaimer: I 100% support the #STAYHOME and Social Distancing effort and we need to plank the curb as they say.

In that this story is of overcoming fear knowing that it could save a life, it is about reaching out and saying is everyone okay. It is about shining a light on the amazing people still working and facing the fear of people coming into close contact every day. There are so many heroes out there in these times. From the grocery store to the hospitals and first responders to the supply change managers and farmers who all still have to work, many harder than ever to ensure we can keep going in these turbulent times.

This is a story about giving blood! It was late one night early in the quarantine, my wife who works at CHEO, fell asleep exhausted from managing her team in a crisis.

It was in that quiet moment, I thought what can I do? Then I remembered, I have been meaning to give blood for years now. I had put it off, I am busy, we have three small kids. Etc. Etc. Sad right, the truth was I was afraid. Afraid of the blood, of finding out I have a disease, maybe just afraid of the unknown…

Well, I finally did it, I reasoned that there are many dear souls who give blood who probably shouldn’t be out because they have other health considerations. I ought to overcome my silly fear. I don’t share this to brag but I do share to say it wasn’t bad at all, and I will go back and you should go too! I was nervous but the staff at Canadian Blood Services were amazing and guided me through.

Let’s make sure we don’t end up with two health crises in our midst! If you just need to do something, do something that can save a life.

Wash your hands! Don’t touch your face. Cough into your elbow and respect the social distancing. You can make an appointment online!

I write this as part of a team at Beyond the Bake Sale that has been busy behind the scenes to bring you information on what you can do and how you can celebrate those making a difference in these times! Check out our website, Beyond the Bake Sale, for ways to give, volunteers or celebrate heroes in our city!